Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sunshine-Dama Wedding


  1. Heather and Trisha from Tomorrow’s Treasures did the end-to-end photography for our wedding, with phenomenal results. I’ve received so many compliments on our pictures, and our mother-in-law was able to take some fantastic prints back to India to share with all of her relatives. In addition, I was able to post great digital pictures on Facebook and share them/receive comments from all of my friends, who extensively complimented the photographers' work. The photographers were there as soon as I started getting ready, throughout the ceremony and countless wedding party shots, all the way through to the end of the reception. There were excellent posed shots that showed everyone in the best light, as well as wonderful candid shots that really captured the spirit of the wedding and celebration. Being true perfectionists, the photos were color-corrected, edited and clipped to the utmost professional quality. They are true professionals with the talent to cover any event, and I would recommend them to anyone who may be considering their services.
    - Gina Sunshine

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