Friday, August 31, 2012

FAQ's for newborn photography sessions

We get lots of questions before our newborn sessions, and thought that this blog would be helpful for parents to read. We've tried to include as much information here as we can, so that you can be best prepared for your session.

When should we schedule the session? You should call and let your photographer know that you are interested in a newborn session before your baby is born. Call us and tell us your due date, the baby's sex (if you know), and any requests that you may have for locations, props, types of pictures, additional family members, etc. This will help us prepare for your session in advance. We only accept a few newborn sessions per month, so calling 1-3 months before your due date is usually a good idea.

How quickly after my baby's birth can we have the session? Generally speaking, 3 to 10 days is perfect for a newborn session. The younger he or she is, the more they tend to sleep, and more agreeable they are to being posed. On the older side of the scale, they tend to be more alert and have more "eyes open" pictures.

I want both angelic sleeping AND eyes open pictures. What should I do? We try to get both sleeping and alert pictures of all of our newborn sessions. It is not unusual for our newborn sessions to be a little longer, and have a break for the baby to eat. After the baby eats, we are usually able to get great sleeping pictures.

Is there a better location? Where should we have this session? We are willing to come to the hospital for your session, so that you can get the quick pictures online for friends and family to see, but the best location for your newborn session is in your home. We come to you, and use your baby's natural surroundings in your pictures. We will take pictures of him or her in their bed, with their blankets, and include any sentimental items that you request. Of course, we bring some props, too, so that you don't have to worry about it.

How long will the session last? The length of the session is really determined by your baby. We adapt to your baby's schedule, and stop photographing while your baby eats, or for diaper changes, clothes changes, etc. A newborn session can typically last for 1-3 hours (and they usually sleep when we leave! Added bonus for moms!). We try to capture a variety of pictures of the new family, and let that determine when we leave.

What about germs? We have a total of 5 of our own children, and we understand the fear of new baby's first illness, and the frustration of having our children get sick after someone carelessly brought germs into our homes. It is for this reason, that we will never show up to a newborn session sick. If our children are sick, we will postpone the session or only one of us will attend the session. We would never put your baby at risk, and value his or her health. In addition, we wash our hands before and during your baby's session to help ensure that he or she stays healthy.

What should my baby wear for this session? A cute outfit is nice, but the most striking newborn photos are often naked. For girls, headbands and bows are nice, but the old adage "less is more" is often true with newborn sessions. The newborn session focuses on showing the tiny details of your new baby (their hands, feet, etc.), and their small size.

Who should be in the session? We will get plenty of pictures of your newborn baby by himself/herself, but we want to include the whole family in these joyous pictures. We like to include mom and dad, and siblings, too. If it's possible, we try to get pictures of the baby with each member of the family individually and a group photo of the whole family together. Please tell us when you call how many siblings your new baby will have, so that we can be best prepared for your session.

On the day of the session, is there anything I should do to get prepared? One of the most important things you can do is to make sure that your house is warm. Your baby will spend some time being naked, and a cold baby is an unhappy baby! In previous sessions, we have found that 80 degrees works well.

Why do newborn sessions cost more? Because your baby is in charge, every newborn session is different. We may be in your home for only an hour, or we may be there for 3 hours. We don't know how long your baby's newborn session will take, and we don't schedule any other sessions afterward. In addition, we bring a lot of props and equipment to ensure that you will treasure these images for life. Newborn sessions are usually longer, with more work involved, than any other session we do.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read our blog. We hope that this helps you to prepare for your baby's first professional photography session, and that you will call us to preserve your memories.

Today's moments become Tomorrow's Treasures!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2012 Weddings and Portrait Sessions

We are very proud to announce that we reached our wedding goal for 2012! We have 20 weddings on the books for this calendar year, and are grateful to the brides and grooms who have entrusted us with their wedding moments!

In addition, we have been participating in some charity functions, which has been a wonderful feeling to give back to our community.

We have also been scheduling family portrait sessions whenever possible, and are very happy to have the client family that we have.

It's been a hard decision to make, but we've decided to limit the amount of weddings and sessions that we will book for the remainder of 2012, and all of 2013. We are dedicated to a high standard of customer service, and we don't want to overextend ourselves and have our clients pay the price.

We enjoy providing a quick turnaround time for both portrait sessions and weddings, and booking every weekend would make that very difficult.

So, we are only offering 3 portrait session dates this fall, and hope that you'll book your session early. We are blessed to have very loyal clients, and we want to fit everyone in. If these dates don't work for you, please send us an email, and we will be happy to see what we can do for you.

On September 15th, 2012, we will be at Twin Oaks Park. We have a few appointments available that day, ranging from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We are only accepting appointments for full-sessions, so call us today if you're interested in this location. It is our most popular location!

On October 20th, we will be at Mastodon State Park. We are offering full sessions or Halloween costume mini sessions this day. These Halloween Costume Minis are available for a very special low price of only $50! Our times available are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

On November 10th, we will be offering full sessions or Christmas card minis at Laumeier Sculpture Park. Our available appointments are 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. These always fill up fast, so call today to make your appointment!

Our full sessions are $150, and the mini sessions are $75. Both include a DVD of your images, with print release.
To find out more information, please email us at, or call 636-344-0122.

Congratulations to Melanie and Wayne!

What a fun day we had with Melanie and Wayne! We were very honored to be a part of this day, and couldn't wait to share these beautiful images from their wedding! Their wedding was perfect, and their guests filled their church. After the ceremony, we followed the bridal party to Lost Valley Lake for the fun pictures!

We also found a sand volleyball court, and couldn't refuse a quick game, guys vs. girls. We only played for a few moments, but the guys won, 2-0.
We kidnapped the bride and groom to get some pictures of them alone, at the very spot where Wayne proposed to Melanie! We had a very scenic view of the lake, and the calm breeze blowing really enhanced the serenity of the area.
While driving back to the party bus to reunite with the wedding party, we passed a pick up truck with two of our groomsmen in the back! Those two hitched a ride to get more beer for the bus (because Melanie left strict orders with the bus driver to NOT go get more beer)! We turned around and chased them down! Photobucket
Then to the reception at St. Joseph Neier Church, with heartfelt toasts from the bride's sister and the groom's brother.
The dance line-up included a bride and groom's first dance, the bridal party dance, the father-daughter dance, the mother-son dance, and the parents' dance. There was a lot of laughter, and some happy tears. It's hard to see the pictures of her dad holding her, and not feel teary! Photobucket Thank you, Melanie and Wayne, for including us in your wedding day! We hope you enjoy these images for years to come, and that your marriage is long, healthy, and happy!