Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Welcome, Baby Landon!

Landon was born on December 10th, and we met him for his newborn session on December 17th. He is a happy and patient baby boy, as long as you're not changing his diaper! We were present for two diaper changes, and he tries to convince the world that he's being tortured during this activity. I'm not buying it, Landon...I know it's tough being so little, but a diaper change can't be THAT bad...(wink).

Is there anything better than baby yawns? I still yawn when I see this picture!

Merry Christmas, Tanya and Ben, and congratulations on the new addition to your family!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Welcome, Baby Brayden!

Welcome, Baby Brayden! I was fortunate enough to be invited into the labor and delivery room for this birth story. I was with the family all day, waiting for his birth. I was photographing the family, and hoping to photograph his first minutes in the world, being weighed, measured, footprinted, and handed to Daddy for the first time. But, as birth stories are unpredictable, Brayden was stuck in the birth canal, and ended up being taken in for a c-section...Alas, the hospital wouldn't let me in the OR. Anyway, I did go back the next day and was able to get some great pictures of Brayden, and boy, was he tuckered out!

Who doesn't love baby feet? I know I do!

I almost hated to unswaddle him for pictures! He looked so warm and content!

The new family! Congratulations to Samantha and Nathan! You have a beautiful baby boy!

We were invited back for his newborn photos, too. He was born just before Thanksgiving, and these were taken five days later. He is a very happy baby!

He was very alert, too! We have more pictures of him awake than we get with most babies!

And, his grandmother was there, so we were able to get a generational photo, too!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sanders Family

We did an extended family shoot, as a Christmas present for Grandma, and they turned out beautifully! What Grandmother wouldn't love these pictures?

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Thank you, Lisa, for choosing Tomorrow's Treasures Photography for Lilly's beautiful portrait session! She is a ham in front of the camera, and that makes our job much more fun!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jen and Brandon - Engagement Session!

Thank you, Jen and Brandon, for trusting your wedding memories to Tomorrow's Treasures! We are looking forward to your wedding, and had a lot of fun during your engagement session!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Samantha's maternity session

Thank you, Samantha, for choosing us for your maternity images! I really enjoyed visiting with you during your session, and am sending early-baby vibes your way! Good luck!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Hermann Family - Fall Session

This is our second opportunity photographing this beautiful family! Dan and Pamela, and their twin boys, Avery and Alex, are fantastic clients with contagious smiles!

I happen to love Toy Story, and my girls watch it a LOT! When I saw these adorable boys in their custom-made costumes, I fell in love! What a great job Pamela did! Go, Pamela!

The boys warmed up to us quickly and we jumped right in to great shots!

Are these the cutest boys you've ever seen?

Thank you, Pamela and Dan, for allowing us to capture these treasures for you!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kelly family

This is our third session with the Kelly family, and the images we were able to get this session are even better than what we've gotten for them before!

Time flies by so quickly! The twins are already 6 months old!

Matt and Monika - you have a beautiful family, and we look forward to watching your babies grow!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Welcome Baby Charlotte!

Charlotte made her debut on June 30th, almost 3 weeks before her due date. This surprised everyone, and forced us to close our facebook fan page contest early. Mom and Baby were both healthy!

The winner of our contest was Tia Ferrari, and she will receive a free mini session from us this fall. Congratulations to Tia!

Charlotte's full newborn photo session can be found on our website.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Who wants a FREE mini session?

We're hosting another contest! Many of you know that Trisha is pregnant with her third child, and she is due on July 17th. Visit our facebook page and comment with your guess at the date and time that Baby Charlotte will make her arrival. The closest guess will win a free mini session this fall!  It's that easy!  Get your guess in now!

Kelly Twins

Last weekend we photographed the most beautiful baby girls, Leyah and Lexxie Kelly.  Thank you to Matt and Monika for inviting us into your home and trusting us to capture this special time in your lives!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Facebook Contest - win a FREE portrait session!

Tomorrow's Treasures is proud to announce our first Facebook contest!  We are giving away one free family photo session to one lucky winner.  Participation is easy - all you have to do is comment on our wall how long it's been since you had a family portrait session, and then ask all of your friends and family to "Like" your comment.  The comment with the most "Like's" wins!  It's that easy!  The more family and friends you have, the more likely you are to win this contest! 

The contest runs from April 27th through May 1st - so make sure you get the word out!  Write a note, post it on your wall, or put it in your blog!  Make sure your friends and family know that YOU want to win this contest!

EVEN IF YOU DON'T WIN, we're going to give every participant $15 off their next photo session with us!  No one will be left out!  Don't wait - comment today and get "Like'd"!

The fine print:  The photography session must be redeemed before December 31, 2011, and occur within 30 miles of Imperial, MO.  The $15 discount does not apply toward mini-sessions.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Picture of the Day - April 20th

This is Sarah and Jackson - two of our favorite clients! This was our first session with them, and the pictures were amazing. It was a Sunday morning, around 8 a.m., and we barely squeezed in the shoot before a big thunderstorm hit. We drove around this tiny community and took pictures on this bridge, the train tracks, by trees and anywhere else we thought of. There are several things about this picture that I love.  I love the pose - Mommy holding her little boy's hand - it doesn't get any sweeter than that!  I love the old bridge, and the natural framing it provides.  The overcast morning provided punchy colors and soft, even light.

If there were anything about this picture that I would change, it would probably be to see more of their path, in front of them.  I would've loved to show a long trail on the other side of the bridge, complete with trees overhanging, and a winding suggestion of life.  In real life, though, the other side of the bridge was a dead end, and how poetic is that?  Not very.  So I chose to not show it.  In spite of that, I love this picture for the rest of the elements, and forgive the lack of a future path!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Picture of the Day - April 19th

This picture is one of my favorites - and not because it's my husband's hand holding my daughter's hand.  I love the symbolism and the meaning.  I love the contrast of his larger hand holding her tiny hand.  I tried printing this picture in color, but the black and white image has a timeless feeling.  I used a macro lens for this shot, and the light spilling in from my living room windows. 

In this picture, my daughter was already four months old.  I wish I had taken it when she was smaller, but to look at this picture now, all I see is her being a baby.  This picture was actually something my husband requested, and that's a rare occurrence!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Picture of the Day - April 18th

My daughter is the one in the middle! This was from a dance recital that she was in last year.  I was in the audience, and my role was as a parent.  We weren't hired to photograph this event.  For this shot, I used a telephoto lens with a larger aperture.  I needed to let in as much light as I could.  Even with the lens open as wide as it could be, the shutter speed was still too long to hand-hold, and not get motion blur.  I leaned forward and rested my lens on the seat in front of me to help steady the camera.  I really liked the silhouette of the girls as they waited for the lights and their cue to begin dancing.  I took many more pictures of my daughter during the performance, with the lights on, and the rest show her costume and her face, but this one is my favorite from that night!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Picture of the Day - April 15th

This is Olivia's 6-month picture.  She didn't sit still for long, but we did get this perfect picture!  This was the only one in this pose that turned out - as she was busily taking her shoes off, pulling her headband off, and trying to crawl away from the camera.  We didn't give up, though, and it paid off!