Sunday, November 27, 2011

Welcome, Baby Brayden!

Welcome, Baby Brayden! I was fortunate enough to be invited into the labor and delivery room for this birth story. I was with the family all day, waiting for his birth. I was photographing the family, and hoping to photograph his first minutes in the world, being weighed, measured, footprinted, and handed to Daddy for the first time. But, as birth stories are unpredictable, Brayden was stuck in the birth canal, and ended up being taken in for a c-section...Alas, the hospital wouldn't let me in the OR. Anyway, I did go back the next day and was able to get some great pictures of Brayden, and boy, was he tuckered out!

Who doesn't love baby feet? I know I do!

I almost hated to unswaddle him for pictures! He looked so warm and content!

The new family! Congratulations to Samantha and Nathan! You have a beautiful baby boy!

We were invited back for his newborn photos, too. He was born just before Thanksgiving, and these were taken five days later. He is a very happy baby!

He was very alert, too! We have more pictures of him awake than we get with most babies!

And, his grandmother was there, so we were able to get a generational photo, too!

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