Monday, April 18, 2011

Picture of the Day - April 18th

My daughter is the one in the middle! This was from a dance recital that she was in last year.  I was in the audience, and my role was as a parent.  We weren't hired to photograph this event.  For this shot, I used a telephoto lens with a larger aperture.  I needed to let in as much light as I could.  Even with the lens open as wide as it could be, the shutter speed was still too long to hand-hold, and not get motion blur.  I leaned forward and rested my lens on the seat in front of me to help steady the camera.  I really liked the silhouette of the girls as they waited for the lights and their cue to begin dancing.  I took many more pictures of my daughter during the performance, with the lights on, and the rest show her costume and her face, but this one is my favorite from that night!

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