Friday, April 8, 2011

Picture of the Day - April 8th - Happy birthday, Abigail!

This is my daughter, Abigail.  Today, is her 4th birthday, and I wanted to share my favorite picture of her.  In this picture, she's 9-months old.  We were playing on our deck, and she was walking/crawling all over the place.  The thing about this picture that grabs me, is her focus and dedication.  She was so focused on walking and crawling, that she didn't know I was there, taking pictures of her.

There are two things about this picture that I would change, if I could.  The first thing I would change, is I would have put a frog by her foot - so that she was reaching for the frog.  Having been there, and watched her, she was reaching down for the ground because she was too timid to let go of the rail.  But, viewers of my picture don't know that, and I wish there was something there for her to be reaching for.

The second thing I would change, is the depth of field.  I would've used a larger aperture and had the background less distracting.  I used the best lens I had, at the time, and have since upgraded my equipment to help improve my images.

This image was taken three years ago.  Looking at it reminds me, it's time to make my husband stain our deck again!  He'll be thrilled!

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