Monday, April 4, 2011

New: Picture of the Day!

I am going to start posting a Picture of the Day on this blog.  The pictures that I choose to highlight will be based on different factors, and I am going to explain my choice each day.  I can't promise that I won't choose some personal pictures of my daughters - when narrowing down my favorites, some are definitely of the girls!  I hope to entertain you, while helping to show our style and helping our readers get to know us a little better!

Without further delay, here is today's Picture of the Day:

This is Baby Chloe, at 3 months old.  This picture makes me yawn every time I look at it, and that is why I chose it.  She is beautiful, and was very happy during her session.  I have wanted to get a baby-yawn picture for awhile now, and was lucky that she yawned while I had my camera in my hands.  I love the catch lights in her eyes, and the soft lighting. 

There are minor changes I would make, if I could, but the biggest is that I would reposition her so that her right arm was in the image, too.  I had tried to pose her several times, but she was determined to wiggle her way to freedom!

That said, the appeal of photography for me is the moment - it's having an opportunity to freeze time, and capturing that moment in time.  It's being able to look at that picture, and feeling the urge to yawn.  It's remembering that I was laying on the hardwood floor, and cooing from behind my camera to keep her attention. 

Next picture: a beautiful bride...

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