Wednesday, September 12, 2012

6 ways to personalize your engagement session!

We've had brides ask us, "Do I need an engagement session?", and we wanted to share a list of ideas for you to consider. This is a list of ideas that we've had previous brides share with us, and we were very impressed with the many different ways to incorporate your engagement session pictures with your wedding!

1. Invitations - Jen and Brandon chose Twin Oaks Park for their engagement session. The pictures were beautiful and full of color. They chose to have their engagement session done during the fall, since they had a fall wedding date the following year.

2. Save the dates! If you're going to send out any save-the-date cards, it's a great idea to bring something with your wedding date to your engagement session. It can be a banner, a chalkboard, homemade crafty items or anything else that shows your date. Below, is a picture of Karley and Kyle at their engagement session, showing off their save-the-date idea! Thank you, Karley and Kyle! 850

3. Show off what's important to you! These couples all asked if we could photograph their furry family members, too! We were happy to oblige, and there are some great pictures to share. Pictured below are Sam and Danielle, with Phantom and Dundee, Molly and Tim, with Murray, and Denise and Dan, with Giovanni and Mia.

4. Wedding colors - Carl and Stephanie wore purple to highlight the accent color of their wedding. It went really well with their decorations, and an added bonus - their guests wore a lot of purple, which was very pretty in their wedding pictures.  This was a genius idea - keep reading to see why!

5. Candy bars, souvenirs - Carl and Stephanie used their engagement session to create the souvenir for their guests. They chose to use, and enjoyed the ability to have a short thank-you note printed on the back of each candy bar.

Of course, candy bars are a great idea, but they aren't the only thing you can do with your pictures! You can also use to order stamps with your pictures on them. What a unique touch for your invitations!

6. Guestbooks - A picture guest book is a beautiful and personal addition to your wedding details. There are different styles available, and different colors, too. Your guests will really enjoy looking at your engagement pictures while signing their names or personal messages, and you will always have a special keepsake. Imagine, brides who got married ten years ago (like myself) had to make due with boring white books with just a list of names!

Thank you for reading this blog!  If you have any other great ideas to share, please leave it in the comments! We would love to hear your great ideas for engagement sessions!

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