Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to get the most out of the bridal fair

Hello Brides!

It's engagement season, and that means one thing....Wedding Fairs! The one-stop shopping and inspiring trade shows created just for you! All of the vendors pay to rent a booth, so that they can be there in front of your eyes. These are great opportunities for you, to see vendors' work, to taste their food, to meet them and talk to them and ask all of your questions. How can you, as a bride, get the most out of these opportunities?

First, buy address labels and print them out on your printer the night before. Include your name, address, phone number, email address, and wedding date. Most vendors will want to collect your information and it will be quicker and easier to peel and stick your label than to hand-write all of that information 100 times that day! Also, it's much harder for your vendors to screw up your email address if you have it typed instead of handwritten.

Definitely create a separate email account for your wedding planning!  Most bridal sites, wedding fairs and vendor booths ask for your email address, and it's great to have a separate account for all of those emails!  You can get creative and use your names and wedding date.

Travel light! You will be receiving a lot of information from the photographers, caterers, bakers, venues, dj's and florists. Most of us will give you a flyer or brochure for you to look at later. If you come in with lots of belongings, you may find yourself with too much to carry!  Also - dress comfortably (especially comfortable shoes!).  There is a lot to see, so lots of walking!

Stop and talk to the vendors! Many vendors will include drawings, freebies, or show specials for brides who book from the show. Many of these great deals won't be advertised on their website or on their facebook page. If you don't go and talk to the florist, how will you know that she's offering a free toss-away bouquet- or maybe you already have a florist in mind, but find a great bouquet idea at her booth!

Make sure to remember which vendors stood out.  It is hard at the end of the day when sorting through your packet of flyers to remember who your favorites were! Some of our brides have written on the back of flyers, or brought stickers to mark their favorite vendors' flyers. 

Look through albums and prints on display.  You can get lots of wonderful ideas by looking through vendors albums and prints, such as flower bouquets, color combinations and definitely portrait ideas!

Be prepared to make appointments with the vendors you like. Not many vendors will expect you to commit to their service the day of the wedding fair, but many will ask you for an appointment for further consultation. If you like the vendor and their services, be prepared with times that you are available to meet with them. This is especially true if you have a popular wedding date!

If you can get a list of the vendors who are going to be at the show beforehand, take a look at their websites and be prepared to meet them with a list of questions. This is your opportunity to ask questions and get their answers!Here is a list of questions for you to ask your photographers.

Lastly, be sure to have a good time and enjoy yourself. Bring your girlfriends or your mom, and make a day of it! Depending on the vendors at the show, there might be hair or make-up stylists there to give you a make-over, or bakers who have a cake for you to taste! Many of the bridal fairs will have fashion shows for the boutiques to show off their dresses, and who doesn't love a good fashion show?

**We are offering $200 off of our wedding packages until the end of this month, February, 2013 as our bridal show special!  Email us at for package pricing information!

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