Friday, February 21, 2014

Brides (and Grooms), getting ready for the big day!

There are three categories of images that we capture during your getting ready time.  We focus on getting pictures of your details, then the process of your getting ready, and then the images of brides with their loved ones during this time.  These images are all an important part of telling your story.

Detail Shots:

 photo gettingreadyshots.jpg

These are the images of your dress, your shoes, and your jewelry.  My favorite thing about these shots is the mood they deliver.  It is of anticipation.  Of beginning.  Of new.  All of the things that describe your marriage, on your wedding day.  Your marriage begins when the wedding ends, and the promise and hope are conveyed in these images.

Getting Dressed:

 photo gettingreadyshots1.jpg

This set of images is warm and happy.  The bride is almost always smiling, and the excitement is building.  We see the loved ones helping her to get dressed, and pampering her.  This is the portion of your wedding day, where the little girl's dream of being a princess comes to fruition.  You have a team of women, who are putting your jewelry on for you, or fastening your dress, and you transform from the woman who walked in wearing a button-up shirt, to the princess.

With Loved Ones:

 photo gettingreadyshots2.jpg

When you are finally dressed, we take advantage of the quiet and still part of the day, to grab pictures of you with your parents, your attendants, or sometimes your groom (without seeing each other, of course!).  These images are always relaxed and happy.

For us, the wedding day isn't complete without the getting ready shots.  For your album, this is how your story begins.  This, is how your marriage begins.

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