Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Graceful Garter Toss!

Have you ever seen a groom remove a garter and think to yourself, "there must be a prettier and more graceful way to do that?" Well, look no further! We searched high and low, and found a great article from Garter Glitz! Our friends at Garter Glitz posted the following on their blog:

"I don’t know who started this unfortunate trend of having brides sit down to have their garter removed for the garter toss. The only thing that can happen in that situation is to have the groom look like he is swimming upstream under your dress in front of all of your family and friends. How embarrassing! No wonder brides are disillusioned with the garter toss."

They go on to describe a much better approach, where the bride lifts her dress enough to show her leg, and her groom slides the garter down her leg. We had a bride a groom a few weeks ago, who were eager to try this new approach, and we wanted to share their picture here.

I recommend visiting their blog, and reading their article.  In addition, their blog is filled with other tips and advice for brides, in relation to garters.  Thank you, Garter Glitz, for showing us the tasteful approach to removing the garter!


  1. I just found your article and wanted to thank you for passing along our garter toss information. It's great that you have a picture to go along with it! I'm sorry I didn't find it sooner. I really appreciate the write-up.

    Garter Glitz

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