Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Choosing a portrait location

Imagine...you're planning your wedding, and trying to decide where you would like to go between the ceremony and reception for your portraits - where will you want to go? Or, how about your engagement session? There are many options available, and here are a few good tips to help you get the best pictures.

1. Think about your relationship. Where did you meet? Where was your first date? Is there a special place where your fiancee popped the question?  If there are any sentimental places, your photographer can try to capture some great pictures in a location that means a lot to you.

2.  Think about your season.  What time of year will you be getting married or having your engagement session?  Is it going to be cold, hot, or comfortable outside.  If it's going to be extremely cold or extremely hot, you might consider finding a location where you can spend some of your time indoors for pictures.  St. Louis has quite a few beautiful locations available, but some require reservations or permits.  It's a good idea to begin talking to your photographer about this early on, as they may have some suggestions or ideas for you.  Don't wait until the last minute!

3.  Think about your ceremony and reception venue locations.  If you're going to be getting married downtown, and your reception is in south county, you probably won't want to drive to St. Charles for your pictures.  Your destination and timeline will need to be considered, too.  Even if you decide that you do want to drive so far out of your way, you will need to consider whether or not your timeline will allow for that.

Once you have found the ideal place for your wedding pictures or engagement session, spend a little time checking to make sure that there are no special events planned for your date at that location.  If you decided to go to the Missouri Botanical Garden, for example, you would want to be sure that it wasn't during their summer concert series.

Thank you for reading our blog, and happy wedding planning!

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